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 Super Bonus Special

Super Bonus Special

Super Bonus Special Lots of fun and excitement await you here. Free spins, extra balls, extra prizes, double wins! Super attractive with its special Bonuses! Easy to understand and play, what's hard is wanting to stop. Everything you ever dreamed of in a Video Bingo game you can find at Super Bonus Special. With every double line, you get two free spins with extra double payouts!

Hold your heart, because you will live a lot of emotion!!
Super Bonus Special

How to play Super Bonus Special

Choose your cards, adjust the bet and press play, if you prefer fast play, just click TURBO.
Initially 33 balls will be drawn and there may or may not be extra balls for optional purchase at the end of each move.
In the first 33 balls, the prizes won are counted at the end of the play and prizes completely hidden by others of greater value will not be paid.

Extra balls
When at the end of the normal play (first 33 balls) the total possible prizes to be paid with one more ball ("Sum Payable" on the side panel) is greater than or equal to 30 x Bet per card, 15 extra balls will be offered with variable cost. You can buy the next extra ball by pressing EXTRA or pressing CANCEL to end the move and credit what you have already won. The canceled extra balls show the amount that would be paid if they were purchased.

Extra "Special" Award
If a prize won from the purchase of an extra ball completely obscures a previously won prize, the hidden prize will be included in "Special" in a panel above the prize table.

Super Bonus

For every Double Line you win the next 2 spins will be FREE. During FREE spins everything you win will be paid DOUBLE and it will not be possible to change the credit value, bet, cards, buy extra balls or win the Jackpot during FREE spins.


The ACCUMULATED is paid if you are playing with 4 cards open, bet 3 or higher per card and win a Bingo until the 30th ball (marking the rings on the ball tube). When the Jackpot is paid, the corresponding Bingo prize will also be paid. The Accumulated values ​​are different for each credit value, playing on a credit value ONLY affects the value of its respective ACCUMULATED.

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