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 Champion Lotto

Champion Lotto

Champion Lotto
Test your luck number and bill with it!

This popular numbers game will make you have the luck on your side.

Choose your numbers, press PLAY and have a good time. Your winnings can be multiplied by 2X or even 3X.

Be the Champion in this lively and colorful Video Bingo game!
Champion Lotto

How to play Champion Lotto

- Choose from 1 to 4 cards to play by pressing CLOSE or on the closed card to open. The arrows above and below each number change the numbers to compete in each card. Press RATE to choose random numbers in each card or press EQUAL to choose the same number in each card (000000, 111111, etc.). Press the arrows under Total Bet to change the total bet amount. Press PLAY to draw the balls.

- After the draw of the balls, the numbers of each card that coincide with the drawn balls will be marked in blue in the possible correspondents. The prizes won in each card will be marked on it. Certain combinations may pay more than one prize in the same card. After the end of the play will be totaled the prizes won on the open cards and the total will be displayed in GAIN, the GAIN will be transformed into PAYMENT and added to the credits.

- To compete for the ACCUMULATE it is necessary to have the 4 cards open (in this case bets of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 or higher pay different amounts of ACCUMULATE). If the first 5 numbers match any of the cards with the first 5 balls will be paid ACCUMULATED plus the corresponding hits in each card. If the 6 numbers of any card with the 6 balls match, the ACCUMULATED plus the SEQUENCE prizes of 6 plus the corresponding hits in each card will be paid. Only ONE ACCUMULATE is paid in the same play, even if you have the same numbers in all the cards, in this case a ACCUMULATED plus a SEQUENCE prize of 6 will be paid for each of the 4 open cards.

- If a colored ball appears among those matching the numbers on a card, prizes containing those numbers will be multiplied by the color of the colored ball below (CUMULATES ARE NOT MULTIPLIED, only normal prizes in the prize table):

Red Ball - 2X Prize
Golden Ball - 3X Prize

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